Faiveley and Leroux 2015

by Simon Evans | Aug 11, 2017

“Make no mistake, 2015 Burgundy is a great vintage.” - Neal Martin, December 2016

This week at MW we are pleased to bring you new releases from two very exciting producers from Burgundy, Domaine Faiveley and Benjamin Leroux from the spectacular 2015 vintage.

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Domaine Faiveley

Erwan Faiveley described 2015 as a "great vintage for quality but not for quantity”. We love the wines of Domaine Faiveley and firmly believe they offer as good a value for money as almost any other domaine in Burgundy. We are proud to once again offer their new releases, this time from the 2015 vintage.

2015 Domaine Faiveley Chambertin ‘Clos de Bèze’ Grand Cru $565
(Normally $640)

From a 1.29 ha parcel.  Discreet but not invisible wood serves as a backdrop for the airy, ripe and very pure red and dark cherry, earth and wonderfully broad-ranging spice notes. There is terrific punch to the big, robust, tautly structured and well-muscled flavors that ooze with minerality and buckets of mid-palate sap that buffers the prominent tannic spine on the youthfully austere finish. This massively long effort should age glacially but gracefully for several decades.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 93-96 points, Tasted Jan 15 2017, Drink 2035+, Issue 65 – Don’t miss!


2015 Domaine Faiveley Mazis-Chambertin Grand Cru $435
(Normally $495)

From both Mazis Haut and Bas where the two parcels total a remarkable 1.20 ha. A more deeply pitched nose is composed by notes of dark berry fruit, spice, earth and a hint of animale. There is obvious minerality to the rich, full and naturally sweet broad-scaled yet relatively elegant flavors that are solidly structured, muscular and wonderfully intense while delivering superb complexity on the hugely long and moderately rustic finish. This gorgeous effort is indisputably built for long-term aging.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 93-95 points, Tasted Jan 15 2017, Drink 2033+, Issue 65 – Don’t miss!


2015 Domaine Faiveley Latricières Chambertin Grand Cru $390
(Normally $440)

From a very large 1.21 ha parcel. A ripe yet airy and cool nose offers up aromas of essence of red and dark raspberry with plenty of floral influence along with subtle spice, earth and herbal tea nuances. There is terrific concentration to the rich and remarkably concentrated medium weight plus flavors that brim with both minerality and sappy dry extract, all wrapped in a saline, balanced and highly persistent finish that just doesn't stop. I often have a very small preference for the Mazis chez Faiveley but in 2015 the Latricières may very well better it.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 93-96 points, Tasted Jan 15 2017, Drink 2032+, Issue 65 – Don’t miss!


2015 Domaine Faiveley Corton ‘Clos des Cortons’ Grand Cru (Monopole) $345 (Normally $395)

This too is extremely ripe yet manages to avoid any sense of surmaturité on the once again liqueur-like aromas of black cherry, cassis, anise and lilac scents. This is a massive wine, with simply huge mid-palate concentration, power and muscle that terminates just like the Rodin in a borderline painfully intense finale that both coats the palate and lasts for minutes. I take considerable pains to point out however that this ultra-structured and overtly austere effort is not only built for the long haul but for the very long haul. I have suggested an initial drinking window of 25 years from now but it may very well be 30 to 40. In sum, this is very old school Corton.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 94-96 points, Tasted Jan 15 2017, Drink 2040+, Issue 65 – Don’t miss!


2015 Domaine Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin Premier Cru ‘Les Cazetiers’ 750mL $179, 375mL $95 
(Normally 750mL $205, 375mL $105)

Deeply pitched aromas of newly turned earth and animale notes characterize the brooding but notably ripe spiced plum and red berry fruit nose. The rich, full-bodied and tautly muscled flavors exhibit buckets of sappy dry extract that all but disguises the firm tannic spine on the immensely long and explosive finish. Cazetiers doesn't get a whole lot better than this.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 92-95 points, Tasted Jan 15 2017, Drink 2032+, Issue 65 – Sweet spot outstanding


2015 Domaine Faiveley Gevrey Chambertin Premier Cru 'La Combe Aux Moines' $140 (Normally $160)

This is the first wine to display overtly generous wood and it fights somewhat with the fresh and cool aromas of red and dark currants, violet, earth and ample sauvage character. The dense, serious and well-muscled big-bodied flavors possess good minerality as well as plenty of sappy dry extract before terminating in a very firm and somewhat rustic and austere finale. Again, patience.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 91-94 points, Tasted Jan 15 2017, Drink 2030+, Issue 65 – Sweet spot outstanding

2015 Domaine Faiveley Nuits St. Georges Premier Cru 'Aux Chaignots' $150 (Normally $165)

A markedly floral nose offers up notes of herbal tea, earth, spice and both red and dark cherry nuances. There is both excellent volume and mid-palate concentration to the refined and lightly mineral-inflected flavors that possess focused power on the elegant and lingering finale. This is picture perfect Chaignots that should be approachable after only a few years of cellaring if that's your preference.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 91-93 points, Tasted Jan 15 2017, Drink 2027+, Issue 65 – Outstanding


2015 Domaine Faiveley Mercurey Premier Cru ‘Le Clos du Roy’ $60
(Normally $72)

Discreet wood sets off slightly riper yet still fresh aromas of plum, earth, spice and black cherry that offer even better complexity. Here too the mouth feel of the medium-bodied flavors is sleek and vibrant while possessing excellent complexity, balance and persistence. This is a very good value play and recommended.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 90-92 points, Tasted Jan 15 2017, Drink 2022+, Issue 65 - Outstanding

Benjamin Leroux

Leroux’s passion, ambition and sheer talent have already resulted in a number of stunning, beautiful wines, but my sense is that the best is yet to come.
- Wine Advocate # 194 May 2011

Leroux is considered one of the most gifted and knowledgeable wine growers in all of the Côte d’Or. It only suffices to ask any other serious producer about Leroux to realize the respect he has garnered amongst his colleagues in the region. He was always considered a prodigy, studying at the Lycée Viticole in Beaune from the age of 13 and taking the reins at the esteemed Domaine Comte Armand when he was only 26. Leroux’s success with the Domaine’s wines over the last decade has well justified the decision to appoint such a young man to run the show. He continues to manage Comte Armand despite now having his own range of wines (another sign of how well respected he is). While his range includes many famous terroirs, Leroux is determined only to work with vineyards that have been well managed and produce outstanding fruit, regardless of whether or not they have famous names.
- Bibendum

2015 Meursault Premier Cru 'Porusots' $220 
(Normally $245)

There is a hint of the exotic to the fresh if markedly ripe nose of white and yellow orchard fruit, muscat and floral aromas that are trimmed in just enough wood to notice. The big-bodied, powerful and concentrated flavors brim with dry extract while delivering fine if not truly exceptional depth and persistence on the clean and relatively dry finish. This isn't elegant but I like the balance and it should drink well after only a few years of cellaring if desired.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 89-91, Tasted: Jun 11, 2017, Drink: 2021+, Issue: 67


2015 Meursault 'Clos des Narvaux' $145
(Normally $160)

A wide-ranging nose offers up notes of citrus blossom, pear, apple and a hint of hazelnut. Once again there is a lovely sense of vibrancy to the sappy and dense medium weight flavors that exhibit a subtle minerality on the slightly more complex and persistent finale. This is a bit more tightly wound and worth a look.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 89-91, Tasted: Jun 11, 2017, Drink: 2021+, Issue: 67, Outstanding Top value


2015 Meursault $125
(Normally $138)

There is an interesting hint of brown butter to the hazelnut and white orchard fruit-scented nose. Once again there is a lovely sense of energy present on the forward but sleek and relatively refined medium-bodied flavors that possess good if not truly special depth and persistence on the balanced finish.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), 87-90, Tasted Jun 11, 2017, Drink 2019+, Issue: 67


2015 Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru 'Tête du Clos' $215
(Normally $240)

Here too the pungent nose is composed by notes of reduction and wood nuances. Otherwise there is impressive volume, mid-palate density and richness to the broad-shouldered and powerful flavors that possess a suave yet entirely serious mouth feel before concluding in a beautifully complex, balanced and lingering finish that is shaped by citrus-tinged acidity. In short, this is impressive and built for mid-term aging.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 90-93, Tasted: Jun 11, 2017, Drink: 2022+, Issue: 67, Outstanding



2015 Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru 'Les Baudines' $175
(Normally $195)

Here too there is just enough wood toast present to remark upon framing the cool and relatively restrained nose of citrus, apple and mineral-reduction aromas. There is a bit better intensity and vibrancy to the markedly more mineral-driven flavors that are rich but focused and particularly so on the lingering if slightly warm finish where a hint of lemon zest emerges.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 90-92, Tasted: Jun 11, 2017, Drink: 2021+, Issue: 67


2015 Chassagne-Montrachet $115
(Normally $128)

A pungent and difficult nose is composed of post-malo lactic and reductive aromas. On the plus side there is excellent richness to the very generously proportioned middle weight flavors that possess a caressing mouth feel before terminating in a solidly complex and persistent finish. This is a very competent villages though I underscore that my projected range offers the benefit of the doubt on the nose.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 88-91, Tasted: Jun 11, 2017, Drink: 2020+, Issue: 67


2015 Puligny-Montrachet $140
(Normally $155)

Bright pale yellow. Very ripe but lively aromas of stone fruits, lemon and spices. Quite silky on entry, then firm and reticent on the back half, showing lovely inner-mouth energy. Not at all overdone. Finishes with a touch of positive phenolic character.
- Stephan Tanzer


2015 Bourgogne Blanc $65
(Normally $72)

Notes of straw, petrol and mildly tropical fruit introduce rich, generous and decidedly round flavors that are sufficiently easy-going to suggest that this should drink well almost immediately after release.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 85-87, Tasted: Jun 11, 2017, Drink: 2018+, Issue: 67


2015 Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru 'Les Amoureuses' Magnum $1,275
(Normally $1,400)

A strikingly spicy and perfumed liqueur-like nose displays aromas of black berries, sandalwood, tea and plenty of floral elements. There is first-rate concentration to the impressively rich and beguilingly textured flavors that brim with both dry extract and minerality on the complex and highly persistent finish where the only nit is a hint of warmth.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 92-94, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2035+, Issue: 66, Outstanding


2015 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru Magnum $1,050
(Normally $1,150)

This is also overtly floral in character with its slightly cooler aromas of plum, earth, game and red and black pinot fruit. There is terrific punch if not quite the same mid-palate density to the big-bodied and muscular flavors that possess similarly impressive depth and length. Moreover this is exceptionally firm, austere and imposing and as such it would be pointless to buy this without the express intention of cellaring it.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 92-94, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2040+, Issue: 66


2015 Bonnes Mares Grand Cru Magnum $1,050
(Normally $1,150)

Background wood nuances are present on the brooding if very fresh and floral red berry fruit liqueur and earth-inflected nose. The succulent and extremely rich big-bodied flavors possess a taut muscularity and almost painful intensity that continues onto the balanced finish that goes on and on. This imposingly scaled effort is very firmly structured and in magnum format plenty of patience will ultimately be required.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 92-95, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2040+, Issue: 66


2015 Clos Saint Denis Grand Cru $540
(Normally $595)

An exuberantly, indeed gorgeously spicy nose features notes of liqueur-like red berries and soft floral nuances, all of which are trimmed in subtle wood nuances. The rich and relatively full-bodied flavors remain refined and graceful while delivering fine length on the well-balanced and sophisticated finish that isn't quite as complex.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 91-94, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2027+, Issue: 66


2015 Volnay Premier Cru 'Clos de la Cave des Ducs' $195
(Normally $215)

The floral elements are even more prominent here with a similar fruit profile. The tighter and even more delineated flavors possess a taut muscularity as well as firmer if slightly less fine structure on the impressively long, youthfully austere and balanced finale.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 90-92, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2025+, Issue: 66


2015 Volnay $110
(Normally $122)

An attractively layered if not particularly elegant nose offers up pungently earthy aromas of red pinot fruit, violet and game. There is better refinement to the sleek middle weight flavors that are shaped by relatively fine-grained tannins on the saline, dusty and well-balanced finale. The contribution of the 1er proportion is evident and overall this is an especially good Volnay villages.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 89-91, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2022+, Issue: 66, Outstanding Top value


2015 Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru 'Les Champeaux' $185
(Normally $205)

As one might reasonably expect this is cooler, more restrained and more elegant with its pretty and layered combination of red currant, lilac, forest floor and discreet earth and sauvage nuances. Here too there is excellent volume to the sleek, delineated and intense middle weight flavors that exhibit even more minerality on the youthfully austere finish that isn't quite as complex, at least not today in any case.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 91-93, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2027+, Issue: 66, Sweet spot Outstanding


2015 Gevrey-Chambertin $125
(Normally $140)

A relatively pretty nose combines notes of red currant, pomegranate, pinot spice and soft earth nuances. There is both fine energy and delineation to the caressing middle weight flavors that immediately tighten up on the bitter pit fruit-inflected finish. This excellent Gevrey villages should be approachable on the younger side but clearly has the stuff to reward up to a decade of cellaring.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 89-91, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2023+, Issue: 66, Outstanding Top value


2015 Morey Saint Denis $125
(Normally $140)

An unusually perfumed and elegant array is comprised by wafting aromas of red berries, lilac and lovely spice wisps. There is less volume but more refinement to the wonderfully textured, intense and delineated medium weight flavors that exhibit good minerality on the dusty, youthfully austere and strikingly complex finale. This is a first-rate Morey villages and highly recommended.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 89-92, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2022+, Issue: 66, Outstanding Top value


2015 Savigny-lès-Beaune Premier Cru 'Les Hauts Jarrons' $99
(Normally $110)

This is at once cooler and more elegant with its pretty combination of violet, red cherry, earth and a hint of oak. The sleek, focused and more evidently mineral-driven medium-bodied flavors possess good verve as well as fine intensity on the beautifully well-balanced finale. Lovely.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 90-92, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2023+, Issue: 66,


2015 Savigny-lès-Beaune $80
(Normally $88)

A pungently earthy and lightly oaked nose offers up notes of forest floor, red currant and plum. The vibrant middle weight flavors possess a lovely texture thanks to the solid mid-palate density, all wrapped in a punchy and mildly rustic finish where a touch of warmth arises.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 87-89, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2021+, Issue: 66


2015 Bourgogne Rouge $65

(Normally $72)

A fresh, bright and ripe yet cool nose consists mostly of red pinot fruit and soft earth nuances. There is good volume to the round, delicious and appealingly vibrant flavors that terminate in a mildly rustic if persistent finale.
- Allen Meadows (Burghound), Score: 86, Tasted: Apr 15, 2017, Drink: 2018+, Issue: 66

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