New Wines from the Acclaimed 2015 Yarra Yerings, Luke Lambert and Sorrenberg

by Hugh French | Feb 05, 2018


James Halliday's 2017 Winemaker of the Year: Yarra Yering. Plus New Releases from Luke Lambert and Sorrenberg

This week at MW we've got some outstanding new wines from the iconic Yarra Yering, the much anticipated 2015s. Sarah Crowe has certainly stamped her authority on this legendary place and was acknowledged by the Godfather of the Australian Wine pressJames Halliday, being awarded Winemaker of the Year in his recent Wine Companion Awards with some massive scores.

We also have some new releases from the extremely talented Luke Lambert plus Australia's equivalent to high end Bordeaux Blanc from the legend of Beechworth, Sorrenberg.

These wines are available now at our special offer prices for the next 7 days only. To place your order return theattached form, byemail, by fax on 03 9419 6970 or by or calling us on 03 9419 6990.


Yarra Yering

Sarah Crowe began her winemaking career tending vines at Brokenwood, the Hunter Valley in 2001. From there she progressed through the industry forging a pathway that would wind up landing her in the Yarra Valley,taking the reins at Yarra Yering following the death of visionary Dr. Bailey Carrodus in 2008. Dr. Carrodus' plantings of 1969 brought life to the valleyas a wine growing regionand quickly established the winery as one capable of producing wines of the highest quality.

Sarah, recently named James HallidayWinemaker of 2017, is now charged with carrying on the Carrodus vision and philosophy and from the superb character and quality we see in the wines below, we think Yarra Yering is in the best of hands to secure the vision in the next era of this iconic Yarra Valley winery.

By now we're sure the hurrahs of the 2015 Victorian vintage have been heard far and wide. Near perfect conditions had winemakers grinning from ear to ear and there is no exception here in the release of the Yarra Yering 2015s. This isspecial.

2015 Dry Red No. 1


This is a superlative, tightly furled Bordeaux blend of pedigree, age-worthiness and a sapid quiver of black currant to herbal notes: crushed, dried and strewn about the palate, all tightly guarded by gravelly tannins and juicy natural acidity. The oak handling, too, smacks of expertise: a fine-grained and well trained hedge, embellishing the savoury air of the style rather than overwhelming it. A blend of 67% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 13% Malbec and a mere seasoning of Petit Verdot synergise to make an imperious, beautiful wine with a long, long life ahead.
James Halliday, The Wine Companion, 99 points

2015 Dry Red No. 2

Yarra Yering originally kept things simple, with two reds. One built on the foundation of Bordeaux grape varieties while the other, the No. 2, on the more aromatic supports of those from the Rhone. Dr. Bailey Carrodus, Yarra Yering's charming and highly idiosyncratic founder, prided himself and his wines on their longevity and savoury, European aura. And rightly so. The tradition lives on, manifest in this medium-bodied, graceful expression of 95% Shiraz, complemented by dashes of Viognier, Mataro and Marsanne. A bright vermilion robe invites one into a kaleidoscope of violet, baking spice, black cherry and blue fruits of every description. Anise, iodine and vanillin oak sashay effortlessly with diaphanous grape tannins and a flow of natural acidity.

Ned Goodwin, The Wine Companion, 96 points

2015 Underhill Shiraz

A pointed, svelte and highly aromatic shiraz with lilac floral and rosewater scents snuggled against blue fruits and the tang of red cherry. The palate is lithe, etched with a stream of transparent acidity, anise and Yarra Yering's immaculately crafted tannins, a quilt with the finest of weaves. The finish is long and sapid, yet the wine is embedded with medium-bodied genetics, firmly of place and never struggling against its natural realm of elegance.

Ned Goodwin, The Wine Companion, 95 points

2015 Agincourt Cabernet Malbec

A brilliant magenta, this verges on opaque; shimmering in the glass. Violet and boysenberry set the senses alight. A lick of bay leaf brings a more savoury tone. The thing with this estate, however; the factor that marks the entire range more than any other; is the impeccable tannin management from the grape skins, pulpy and tongue-staining black, tactile and palpably juicy across the wine; to the oak, nestled as a classy echoing support amidst the cacophonous fruit and herbal follow through.
Ned Goodwin, The Wine Companion, 98 points

2015 Carrodus Shiraz

(Limited to one per customer)

Violet high-toned aromas and pumice-stone tannins, all inflected with a cool stream of natural acidity lighting up blueberry, damson plum and salami notes. These are sluiced with a ferruginous tang of iodine and an impeccable spread of woven tannin, each strand impeccably bound to the glorious fruit spread across the palate that is the wine's opus. This will age beautifully, as with most of the range.
Ned Goodwin, The Wine Companion, 98 points

2015 Carrodus Cabernet Sauvignon

(Limited to one per customer)

A brilliant sheen in the glass and statuesque of composure, this cuvee is sourced exclusively from the older plot of '69 No. 1 plantings of cabernet sauvignon. There are no blending agents to buffer, or mitigate the strong thrust of cabernet's fine boned astringency, cool climate acidity and supportive oak pillars, plinths on which the fruit stands, rigid and cool in its youth. Blackcurrant, red cherry, violet, tobacco, anise, dried sage and allusions to garden herbs swirl about the mouth, kinetic and vibrant, yet firmly bound to the wine's impeccably sculpted carapace. While not as graceful and mellifluous as the No. 1, the intensity of flavour and thrust and parry of fruit to structure, augur well for those who can wait.
Ned Goodwin, The Wine Companion, 97 points

2015 Carrodus Pinot Noir

(Limited to one per customer)

This is pricey and very ambitious in terms of fruit density, vinosity, tannin management and inherent thereto, the lavish yet wholly justified use of fine French oak as the custodian of fruit and guarantor of a long life ahead. The wine is long as its beam of satsuma plum, bing cherry, mulch and anise weaves its way around the mouth, coating the cheeks and easing down the throat, dusted with filmy tannins and perked with pointed acidity.
Ned Goodwin, The Wine Companion, 94 points

2015 Carrodus Viognier

(Limited to one per customer)

A sublime expression of headily aromatic viognier, exhibiting varietal slipperiness underlain by a refreshing mineral clench and a textural phenolic bite. This said, the maker understands well that the variety ripens optimally circa 14% and beyond, showcasing apricot, peach and honeysuckle against an inherent viscosity in the process. Anything less is an exercise in paranoiac asceticism, far too often seen across domestic expressions.
Ned Goodwin, The Wine Companion, 96 points



Luke Lambert

A fascination with the mystery and alchemy of wine has become Luke’s passion; a passion that comes without pretense or fanfare. In the visual arts and music, minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements to maximum effect – think Mark Rothko or Philip Glass. In a similar manner Luke doesn’t need or use the winemaking bells and whistles; no new oak barrels, no oak chips, no clever techniques to extract the life out of his grapes. He allows his wines and the land from which they hail to do the talking.Andwhata beautiful story they are telling together…
Wine Australia,

2017 Yarra Valley Syrah

"This is the Syrah I've been trying to make for 14 years," states Luke. As an opening statement from such a quietly spoken winemaker, it couldn't be any more definitive. "It's still light in it's feet and framed by crisp acids, but with loads of black pepper spice and the full gamut of red cherry through to sweet blackberry fruit." Luke also sights the whole bunches playing the key role in supporting the fruit with a bright, refreshing spine of tannins and dried herb complexity. In short, "...something I've been shooting for since I started making my own wine." Luke Lambert has every right to be so delighted with this wine. It's the greatest example of this wine we have offered, and we believe one of the very finest young Australian Syrah wines we have tasted. It's a blinder so don't miss it.
Bibendum, Distributor

2017 Yarra Valley Chardonnay

Such an attractive wine, undeniably complex, but also with a gulpability that tugs you back into your glass. Saline, tangy, flinty-mineral acidity is a major player here, but there’s cereal and halva savouriness built around it. The perfume is all steely citrus and flint, grapefruit and green apple, so fresh feeling and appealing. There’s a luxurious length and lingering feel to the wine too. It’s tightly wound but supremely balanced above all. You can take all the fanciness here and lavish in it, but deliciousness is the trump card.
Mike Bennie, The WineFront, 95+ points


First Sorrenberg Barrells, 1989



It was the late Mark Shield who first put pen to paper, reviewing the debut Sorrenberg Chardonnay, "a promising start". Since thenthe wines of Sorrenberg have become known as complex and striking expressions of varietaland place. Jancis Robinson proclaims thatthe Chardonnay "gives white Burgundy a run for its money" and the Gamay is a cult favourite that is surely becomingmore favouredthan cult. In a similar vein, the Sauvignon Blanc Semillon is beckoning many to have another look at a varietalthat has fallen out of favour for some in these parts of the world. With the 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon garnering some fantastic accolades from critics and drinkers alike, we thought it a great opportunity to see where 'promising starts' can go.

The 2016 vintage received 97 Points from Winefront and 2017 is every bit as good! You will not believe how much value this wine delivers. Described as 'one of Australia's great, great wines',with limited quantities available,I know this wine will sell out as quickly 2016.
Libby Bentley (Bentley Wine Co)

2017 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

This wine comprises of 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillon. Most of the Sauvignon Blanc fruit had 8 hours skin contact prior to pressing. The Semillon component is crushed and pressed immediately after picking. This wine was 100% barrel fermented with predominantly larger barrels used. All went through natural yeast fermentation. The extended lees contact helps fill out the middle palate and gives this wine the extra dimension it is known for.

The nose of the 2017 Sauvignon Blanc/ Semillon shows aromas of passionfruit and citrus. The palate combines these with gooseberry and desert lime intermingling with the minerality creating a wine with exceptional elegance and length.
Winemaker notes


All wines above are available now at our special offer prices for the next 7 days only. To place your order return theattached form, byemail, by fax on 03 9419 6970 or by or calling us on 03 9419 6990.




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