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by Hugh French | Mar 05, 2019


Weingut Egon Müller & Kanta by Egon Müller



Today we have a special offer from MW, the 2019 release from Egon Müller. The current head,Egon Müller IV shares the name of a wine dynasty and an estate considered to be at the very pinnacle of greatness in German wine. Müller specialises in what many consider to be the greatest of all white wine grapes, Riesling,grown on one of Germany's most famous vineyards. The steep slopes of the Scharzhofberg vineyard that overlook the Saar tributary are ideal for producing Riesling of great character and longevity. This is evident in the Trockenbeerenauslese, a wine that attains stratospheric prices at the wine auction of Trier, often making it the world’s most expensive wine.

More recently Egon Müller has brought his masterful touch to Australia with Kanta by Egon Müller. In partnership with Michael Andrewartha, their creation made from Adelaide Hills fruit has gone from strength to strength since it's inception in 2005.

These wines are available now at our special offer prices for the next 7 days only. Due to the extremely limited quantities available of these wines, we will offer them on a 'first in, first served' basis.To place your order return the attached form, byemail, by fax on 03 9419 6970 or call us on 03 9419 6990.



Egon Müller



Egon Müller sees the 2017 vintage as a bridge between 2015 and 2011: “In fact, this style is the result of a conscious decision. We didn’t want to make too big wines and harvested a bit earlier in order to retain the elegance which we so much cherish in our wines. The frost was already indicative of a very good but concentrated harvest to come. The fact that the remainder of the growing season proved remarkably normal, with maybe just a hint too much water in July and August, led to a harvest start in September for the second time in the recent history of our Estate, the other time was 2003. As I mentioned, we started the harvest also early because we saw the grapes gain sugar levels fast and we wanted to retain some playful freshness. Some complained about the rain in September, we were rather pleased as it gave us the botrytis that we missed so dearly in 2016. This allowed us to make an early TBA and make botrytis selections throughout the harvest, which led to some BA fruit which we eventually declassified into our Auslese GK.”
Mosel Fine Wines, Issue No 41, June 2018

2017 Scharzhofberger Riesling Kabinett
Usually $179 - Special Offer Price $165
This 2017er Scharzhofberger Kabinett was harvested at well over 90° Oechsle and fermented down to 45 g/l of residual sugar. It offers a gorgeous nose with residual scents from spontaneous fermentation, white peach, elderflower, cassis and herbs. The wine develops a gorgeous and delicately ripe feel with Spätlese creamy presence on the palate. The finish is engaging and subtly racy. The after-taste is lively and driven by peach and flowery elements. This is a beautiful fruity wine in the making with slightly more presence than the usual Kabinett from Egon Müller. It is, however, a smasher of a “light Spätlese”, with plenty of upside potential if it retains its focus at maturity. 2027-2047
Mosel Fine Wines, Issue No 41, June 2018 - 93+ Points

2017 Scharzhofberger Riesling Spatlese
Usually $349 - Special Offer Price $329
The 2017er Scharzhofberger Spätlese develops an absolutely stunning nose of white peach, white flowers and elderflower with a touch of passion fruit and whipped cream which lift the whole experience to another level. The wine starts off on a delicately smooth side on the palate before a most gorgeous ripe acidity kicks in and lifts up the aromatics in the finish. The wine is still slightly disjointed at this early stage but the finesse and elegance in the seemingly never-ending after-taste are simply stunning. What a brilliant light Auslese in the making! 2027-2052
Mosel Fine Wines, Issue No 41, June 2018 - 97 Points

2017 Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese
Usually $1,249 - Special Offer Price $1,149
The 2017er Scharzhofberger Auslese was harvested at a full 120° Oechsle. The wine develops a beautifully pure nose of coconut, under-ripe pineapple, apricot, elderflower, bergamot, passion fruit and delicately honeyed elements. It proves gorgeously smooth and elegant on the hugely focused and delicately playful palate, where layers upon layers of vibrant exotic and orchard fruits mingle with zesty acidity and mineral elements. The finish is smooth, delicately creamy, yet also superbly vibrant and long. This Auslese will please lovers of very pure and refined expressions of noble-sweet Riesling. 2027-2052
Mosel Fine Wines, Issue No 41, June 2018 - 96 Points

2010 Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese
Usually $699 - Special Offer Price $649
Muller’s 2010 Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese offers a similarly striking contrast with its counterpart from the Braune Kupp to that displayed between the corresponding Spatlese, since in the present wine we have an elixir of remarkable levity, refinement, and polished textural allure. What’s more, the flavors now shift toward honey, white raisin, salted caramel, and quince preserves, unabashedly exhibiting these grapes’ noble botrytization. And even despite what I am sure are enormously high acids, these act only as hidden, energizing springs until the finish kicks in with overt citricity that help leaven and balance the wines liqueur-like texture and sweetness. I think we can safely presume a quarter-century’s strong performance here. This wine was in effect a byproduct, says Muller, having been culled from the corresponding gold capsule Auslesen rather than the other way around.
David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate, Issue 199 - 94 Points



Kanta by Egon Müller



Kanta Riesling by Egon Müller is a unique winemaking partnership where German tradition and precision meets the premium, cool climate fruit from the Adelaide Hills. Kanta partners, Egon Müller and Michael Andrewartha are pleased to announce the ninth release from this unique, cross-cultural winemaking project. Since its inception in 2005 they have proudly watched Kanta come of age.

2018 Adelaide Hills Riesling
Usually $28 - Special Offer Price $25

2009 Museum Release Adelaide Hills Riesling
Usually $36- Special Offer Price $32
The last vintage from the Balhannah Vineyard. Gentle notes of TDN (kerosene is too strong and harsh to describe this aroma of Riesling maturing in bottle). Lemon oil and lime and a touch of spice/toastiness. But over all that is the intense minerality of wet stones. Crisp but gentle in texture and much more primary on the palate than on the nose – pure creamy citrus. Bone dry. A little dilute on the finish though it is persistent and even a little salty.
Julia Harding MW, - 16.5/20 Points



These wines are available now at our special offer prices for the next 7 days only. To place your order return the attached form, byemail, by fax on 03 9419 6970 or call us on 03 9419 6990.



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