Giacomo Conterno Sensory Stem

by Hugh French | Nov 15, 2019

Introducing the Giacomo Conterno Sensory Stem



Those who have visited and tasted with Roberto in the ‘cathedral’ on the outskirts of Monforte d’Alba and seen first-hand the perfectionism that makes the Giacomo Conterno wines what they are, will understand the impetus for the creation of the Sensory Stem.

A long-term Zalto man, Roberto Conterno felt the need to improve even on these. In this process, he was searching for a vessel that would fully help a wine express and intensify all its elements. A stem that would allure all the senses and, if brought into play via this glass, allow the wine to express all its virtues, its phases and moods, its aromatics, layers, textures and flavours in their ultimate way.

Zwiesel Kristellglass took on the challenge. Roberto and his son Gabriele (an engineer) worked together with Zwiesel to design a glass that would engage with all the senses. This unique and beautiful hand blown stem required the best tools in a craftsman’s repertoire of experience to create a glass that is both a work of art and a functional wine glass. Sensory has to be looked at, held, even squeezed, before swirling a wine of promise, for an experience that validates Roberto Conterno’s intense belief to strive for perfection.

Unlike some other super-premium stemware these aren't flimsy, they actually flex and are perfectly safe for the dishwasher and hand polishing. Understandably they were designed with Nebbiolo in mind but the truth is they're wonderful stems for Burgundy, Pinot & Chardonnay, Brunello and really help to open up tight young Bordeaux.





The stems come in a stylish twin pack plus each glass also comes individually boxed so they can be separated into singles if you wanted to give them as gifts. Believe us when we say even the person who has everything doesn't have these.



Recommended retail price for these glasses is around $160 each.

Today we're offering them for $128 per stem or$250 per twin-pack.

Stock is limited so if this is something you're interested in don't delay as they will sell out before Christmas.



You can purchase Sensory Stems by clicking on the above link, emailing us directly or calling the office on 03 9419 6990.






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